• Quieter running motors and bearings

  • Ultra-efficient barber jet burners

  • Digitally controlled bean probe for accurate roasting

  • Independent roasting and cooling systems

  • Stainless steel mantle and cooler

  • ALSO INCLUDED: External Chaff Collector

  • ALSO INCLUDED: Roaster Dynamics Software License

  • ALSO INCLUDED: 2 Year Unconditional Warranty on Labor & Parts

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The commercial line of batch roasters is engineering for ease of use, flexibility, and long-lasting durability. Bean probes and digital controllers coupled with convenient air flow controls allow any operator to manually execute even the most demanding roast profile. Alarms and safety systems make these roasters ideal for the busy wholesale roasting environment.

High-quality American motors and heavy-duty bearing mean quieter, longer lasting operations, reducing stress on operators and downtime for equipment maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Input batch capacity: 66 lbs

Maximum batches per hour: 4

Motors: 4


  • Single Phase 220 V - 60 Hz - 30 A

  • Three Phase 230 V - 60 Hz - 30 A

  • 50 Hz Available as well

BTU's: 180,000

Dimensions: 76" x 48" x 48"

193.0 cm x 121.92 cm x 121.92 cm

Weight: 1750 lbs. (793.8 kg)